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Buz was my father-in-law. But he was much more than that. He was the person who single handedly made it possible for me to go to college and do something with my life. But for him, I would have ended up having a much different kind of life. He understood that I was much more than what my parents wanted for me: to get married to some Dominican high-class guy and start popping out babies.  Not for me. I wanted to live from my accomplishments, not through my husbands. I can't even imagine being the housewife, dealing with maids and kids all day. Ironically, that was what I was trained for until I went to college and got other ideas. Buz also had a deep love for books and was always working on at least a couple at a time. In this way he exposed me to a lot of books and subjects I would have never been inclined to read. Finally, he was also a gourmet and got me to expand my gastronomic horizons way beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks papa. 

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