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Cilantro, Cilantrillo, Coriander Leaf

Cilantro is the green plant of the coriander, very similar to parsley, but with a fresh green aroma. Originally from the Mediterranean, Cilantro is now grown throughout the world. Cilantro is used extensively in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean islands. It is sold with the roots still on and should not be removed until ready to use. Do not wash until ready for use. Store in refrigerator wrapped in paper towels and placed in a plastic bag. If you are not going to use it right away, wash and drain, place in a freezer bag and freeze. To use, break off the amount you are going to use and place back in freezer immediately. It will last for months. The authentic flavor of many Dominican, Puertorican, Mexican, Chinese and Cuban dishes is obtained only with Cilantro. Now available fresh in most supermarkets.


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