Growing up in the Dominican Republic, I had a different idea as to what turkey was supposed to taste like. First of all, you ordered your turkeys from the turkey farm way in advance or you were not going to get one for Christmas (we didn't have thanksgiving, obviously). The turkey got to us alive. Yes, alive. It hung around the yard for days until the day it was getting cooked. A more raw way to do this. But, it was also part of my training to kill and dress a chicken for our meals. And that is how this was done. I had not thought about this much until now. If I had to do this now, I probably wouldn't cook turkey.

The way we prepare the turkey is a little more involved than the US way but the taste is just amazing. And there won't be one little bit of crisp skin left on that cooked bird. My family loves to pick on the skin as soon as the bird comes out the oven. I have taken this recipe and added the bacon wrap to make it my own. You can adjust it to your taste.