Welcome to the Photo Galleries. I have spent years collecting, scanning, photoshoping and formatting photos of the family so that I could concentrated them all in one place. I will continue to add photos as I finish batches. Please visit often to check for new posts.

My brother Alex – Alejandro de Jesus Arvelo Dalmau
Born April 20, 1957 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

My baby, Avaryl, Born September 5, 1979.

Born November 25, 1951, in San Pedro de Macorís.

Corinne R. Buzbee (Connie) was born 1921 in Easton, MD. The daughter of Carson Riley and Marie Thompson, she grew up between Maryland, Delaware and Florida. Her parents owned restaurants and later ran an in in Maryland. After College, Connie joined the Red Cross during WWII and was stationed in Hawaii. After Hawaii she got a job with the Foreign Service stationed in French West Africa where she met Hubert Hudson Buzbee II. They married in 1947 and had their first child, H. Hudson Buzbee  in 1948. After their wedding they moved to many foreign nations such as Australia, France, Italy. Bermudas, Nicaragua to name a few. More about the travels..

Connie's Family Tree

Elizabeth is my husband Tom's daughter from another marriage. I have had the pleasure of having Elizabeth in my life. She is my daughter's little sister and one of the most beautiful people I have had the pleasure to meet. I knew this the moment I met her when she was just days old.

My families are Arvelo Gonzalez and Dalmau Pichardo.

Both my father's family, Arvelo and Gonzalez, came to the Dominican Republic from the Canary Islands. They were in the sugar business. The Arvelo ancestor owned a few small sugar mills north of Santo Domingo.

My mother's father's family, Dalmau, came from Barcelona, Spain in the mid 1800s. My mother's mother's family, Pichardo, came from Barcelona in the late 1600s.

Dad's Family

Mom's Family

Welcome to the Photo Galleries. I have spent years collecting, scanning, photoshopping and formatting photos of the family so that I could concentrated them all in one place. I will continue to add photos as I finish batches. Please visit often to check for new posts.



Rafael Alberto Arvelo Gonzalez

Isabel Maria Irene Dalmau Pichardo



Hubert Hudson Buzbee II

Corinne Riley Buzbee



Ysabel Arvelo Dalmau - (Betsy Arvelo-Buzbee)

Thompson Riley Buzbee

Avaryl Jayne Buzbee Arvelo

Elizabeth Jordan Buzbee Paradise



Rafael Alberto Arvelo Dalmau

Ivan Alfredo Avelo Dalmau

Alejandro de Jesus Arvelo Dalmau

Jackelyn Antonia Arvelo Dalmau



Ancestors Arvelo Gonzalez Dalmau Pichardo


Buz was my father-in-law. But he was much more than that. He was the person who single-handedly made it possible for me to go to college and do something with my life. But for him, I would have ended up having a much different kind of life. He understood that I was much more than what my parents wanted for me: to get married to some Dominican high-class guy and start popping out babies.  Not for me. I wanted to live from my accomplishments, not through my husbands. I can't even imagine being the housewife, dealing with maids and kids all day. Ironically, that was what I was trained for until I went to college and got other ideas. Buz also had a deep love for books and was always working on at least a couple at a time. In this way he exposed me to a lot of books and subjects I would have never been inclined to read. A Diplomat, he was stationed all over the world before arriving to his final tour in the Dominican Republic. He was way more than a diplomat though, caring for all US citizens and non-US citizens. People were people and Buz helped them all.  Finally, he was also a gourmet and got me to expand my gastronomic horizons way beyond what I thought was possible. Thanks Papa. 

One could say that my mother has been a housewife all her life and raised 5 children. And you would be correct. But, my mother was way more than that. She raised 5 children, kept a huge house going with a lot of servants, and did it all mostly on her own. My father was always gone because of his profession and later extraordinary circumstances. In the meantime, everything ran smoothly because of my mother. She cleaned, gardened, decorated, took us to school and picked us up, did all the shopping, paid all the bills, sewed, helped us with homework, and when our house needed painting, she painted it. When a lamp broke, she fixed it. Even though my father was a great handy man and an excellent carpenter, my mother didn't wait for my father to fix things. She was hands on. From her I learned to get up in a ladder with a bucket of paint and just do it. If you didn't like it, paint it another color next day. Also, my father's taste was usually not up to her clean modern lines. :)

My brother Ivan – Ivan Alfredo Arvelo Dalmau
Born December 5, 1955 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

My little sister Jackie. Born January 31, 1963. Was the youngest of the children.

Pico was the eldest of the siblings. Born on August 9th, 1949 and passed away from a motorcycle accident on 1996.

My father, Bebeto, Born August 22, 1916, died Dec. 26, 1979. Possibly from Guillain–Barré Syndrome.

My dad, was a renaissance man: accomplished sailor, meteorologist, oceanographer, engineer, architect, marine biologist and more. Always questioning and looking for answers. A scientist at heart. Taught us to dig deeper. Figure it out. Don't just take it at face value. The result: an inquisitive bunch of kids. This need for knowledge has even passed down to the grandchildren. He was also a great chess player. Probably, the only game he played.

My Husband Tommy

Born in Easton, Maryland, in 1952. Grew up all over the world since his father was a diplomat for the US State Department.