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The Power of Positive Thought

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Positive Thought by Swami Vishnu Devananda

“Positive” and “negative” are relative terms, something negative for someone can be positive for another person, something can be positive now and negative later.  To note the long list of words to express the same idea of “positive” and “negative”. How do you know then when something is positive or negative when you are in a dilemma?  

Formula to find out what is negative and what is positive:

Positive is anything that will bring you up to your true Self, to your Godhead or Divine nature.  Negative is something that is bringing you down to your animalistic, instinctive lower nature.

The person who is perfectly positive (a saint) is one that has transcended his lower nature completely and is established in his divine nature only.

“Life is a voyage in the infinite ocean of time, where scenes are perpetually changing.  Life is a journey from impurity, from hatred to cosmic love, from death to immortality, from imperfection to perfection, from slavery to freedom, from diversity to unity, from ignorance to eternal wisdom, from pain to eternal bliss, from weakness to infinite strength.  Life is a great opportunity provided by the Lord for His children to evolve into Himself “Swami Sivananda in “Bliss Divine”


The 5 points for good health and a happy life taught by Swami Vishnu-Devananda

1. Proper exercise (asanas):  a healthy person is most likely more positive than a sick person.

2. Proper breathing (pranayama):  if you have lots of prana or vital energy, you are more positive, you fall less in negativity.  Even if a negative situation presents itself you will be able to look at it in a positive way.

3. Proper relaxation (sarvasana):  Often times we are negative just because of stress, because we do not have enough clarity of mind or energy to deal with stressful situations, or making decisions, etc.  Physical relaxation, mental and emotional relaxation are needed so that we can maintain our cheerfulness and positive outlook.

4.Proper diet (vegetarian):  and aggressive and tamasic diet will create aggressive feelings, anger, hatred, depression while a natural vegetarian diet will create a peaceful, happy, conciliatory nature.  It is important to eat right to be positive.

5. Meditations (dhyana):  Positive thinking cannot replace meditation.  One needs to be positive to succeed in meditation.  Meditation is the most powerful and direct way to supreme positivity, when all limiting thoughts are being transcended and one merges with the source of infinite happiness and tranquility.


Thoughts are not in the physical brain or in the physical body.  Thoughts belong to the subtle realm of the astral body and the astral world.

Thought world is more real than the material world even thought we thing the opposite.  We think that material concrete world is more real because we can see and perceive objects with our senses.  For a material concrete world is gross, thought is subtle.  Exactly like solid ice cubes with shapes, forms, and weights once melted become liquid water which once heated will in turn become steam.  It is still H20 in three different states.  Thus we can understand the relationship between the gross physical body, the astral body (where thoughts are) and the casual body (seed body, spirit).

-Thoughts have shape, size, form, color, weight (if you think of an apple, you automatically visualize the form of an apple).

-Thoughts have speed (faster than speed of light).

-Thoughts have power.  (resentment, anger, wrath)

-Thoughts are transferable, thoughts are everywhere, can be given and taken back, can be manipulated like an object.

-Thought influence:  Your thoughts can be influenced by different ways, often times without exchanging words.  Example: being in company of a saint will wash all your doubts, negative thoughts away!  Being in a department store will induce thoughts of purchasing objects.  Beware of wrong association or company.

-Dominant thought: the main powerful thought (Example: in financial district, the dominant thought would be lust and sex).  For a weak mind, if you do not know how to protect yourself from influences, you will be influenced and before you know it you will be doing things that you do not really to do etc.  Your life is a big mess, going hither and thither according to influences in your life.  Very few people know really how to think independently.  Everyone is just following the “collective unconscious”.

-Thoughts can be cultivated.  You can choose the thoughts you want to keep and make them strong.  You can give charity with your good thoughts.  Always give abundant thoughts of love etc…either verbal or non-verbal.

-You are constantly bathing in an ocean of thoughts.  You are constantly attracting thoughts and repulsing others.  What happens is your own doing and thinking.  Nothing comes out of nothing.  We are the master of our own destiny.  Therefore it is important to choose a positive thought environment, i.e. your associations, friends, places etc… to keep yourself positive.  Always try to surround yourself with positive people.

-Your duty is to increase your vibratory level, by keeping this instrument body-mind strong so that you can tune a higher wavelength of thoughts.  Ten persons are listening to a lecture in a room, there is only the audible voice of lecturer and the thoughts of the other ten.  In reality, there are an innumerable number of thoughts present in the room at the same time which we are not aware of.  If you open the radio and start to tune into some station, you can get Radio Beijing and listen to Chinese opera.  Your body-mind is like an AM-FM radio, either you tune into high wavelengths where you receive interesting programs, or low wavelengths, where you just get noises, disturbances, or some local news with insignificant importance.  The higher the wavelength, the less you will be touched by trivial worldly things.

In the same manner, if your mind is focused and strong, you can get influences from advanced yogis, sages, etc. and be inspired by their thoughts; in this case negative thoughts lower wavelengths cannot touch you or hurt you.  You will attract to yourself good, positive situations.  Otherwise at a lower wavelength, you will attract to yourself lower types of thoughts; more negative events will happen to you; you get into problems in relationships etc. because you attract them to yourself.

-Thoughts are real action.  Thoughts are the origin of action.  You are responsible for your thoughts.  You can infect the thought atmosphere of the planet if you entertain negative thoughts (contributing to create dark black clouds that will lead to acid rain, or you can contribute to healing the planet (contributing in creating white pure clouds giving cleansing water to everyone). But entertaining negative thoughts, you harm your astral body, the body of the person you think of, and the whole atmosphere.  Don’t think that nobody would know when you are depressed, burying yourself under 3 covers of blankets, locked up in your room, with the door bolted and the curtains pulled down.  In reality your depressed thoughts penetrate through the 3 blankets, the walls, the door and the windows and affect everyone.  Therefore, do not hide get up, and transform your thoughts!


Start first by compiling a list of techniques you have already used in the past.  Some work better than others for you.  Choose the most effective ones.

A few practical methods.  Find out which one fits you most and practice them until you become master of the techniques:

1. Observance of thoughts and be indifferent to them: Notice the negative thought in your mind, but do not identify with it.  Let it be.  It will disappear by itself if you become indifferent to it.

2. Confrontation:  Do the opposite of the negative thought.  It is a radical method, and needs some strength of will.  (Example: if thought of “hatred” agitates you, then cultivate the thought of “love” toward the person you hate.  If you feel “I am sad”, then say “I am happy”) after sometime, your thought will change your nature.  If you are depressed, than make yourself laugh by all means; see a comedy, or just laugh wholeheartedly for no reason for some time.  Your mood will change.

3. Positive affirmation:  Keep some good positive thoughts in your mind and assert them again and again everyday.

4. Sublimation:  Transforming the nature of your thoughts:  singing mantras or devotional songs to change the nature of your emotions, doing karma yoga to change the nature of your actions etc.

5. Visualization:  Reinforce again and again your positive vision of yourself.  Write in big words on your wall what you need to keep in mind again and again.

6. Concentration:  If you keep yourself at all times focused on positive activities or thoughts, there is no room for negative ones.  “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.  Keep yourself busy.

7. Reduction:  Reduce useless thoughts.  Make life simple, have less thoughts, and more peace of mind.  Reduce wants and desires.

8.Guerrilla technique:  Change one thought at a time in your daily life.  Don’t be too ambitious.  You will fall into negativity and impatience if want to change all at once.  Work on details, the whole picture will change by itself.  Beware of intrusive thoughts.

9. Cheerfulness:  Always see the humorous side of all things.  Take things lightly.  Sing all the time if you can!  Develop cheerfulness.

10. Cultivation of good virtues:  such as forgiveness, dispassion, tolerance, calmness, equanimity of mind, avoidance of extremes…etc.

Learn to develop these attitudes based on the classical approaches of Yoga.  Find out which formula fits you best.

1. Bhakti yoga:

“Everything happens for the best”

“God knows best.  I surrender to God’s will”

“It’s not my will, buy thy will”

Practice daily prayers.  Love everyone as oneself.  See God in all things and in all people you come in contact with.  Everything happens by the will of God.  Everything will lead you to your ultimate good.  Everything is perfect as it should be.  Have perfect Faith and Self Surrender.  No negative thoughts or blame is possible then.

2. Karma Yoga

“Do for others what you want to be done for yourself.”

“I am not the doer”

“I am only the instrument.”

“I surrender to God’s Will.”

“I did my best, God takes care of the rest.”

“I offer my works to God, consecrating all my actions to God.”

“Relax god is in charge.”

This attitude will help you annihilate sources of negativity which come oftentimes from your work, working relationships, your expectations, and attachment to the results of your work.

Charity and selfless service give you energy, open your heart, empower you.  Karma Yoga breaks mental barriers or prejudices that are causes of negativity.

3. Jnana Yoga (Vedanta philosophy):

“Everything is an illusion.”

“Only Brahman or the Absolute exists.”

“Everything is like a movie; a play.”

“I am the eternal witness within.”

“I am not this... not that” (neti-neti)”

“I am immortal Self or Atma”

“I am SatchitAnanda (Existence, Knowledge, and Bliss), nothing can touch me, hurt me.”

“We are one, names and forms are illusory”

Try at all times to identify with the underlying essence within all things and people.  Feel yourself as the Self of others, then you cannot get angry or negative toward anyone because the person is your own self.  (Example: you cannot get angry towards your own finger if you happen to poke your eye with your finger by accident!)

This attitude of seeing everything as a play, a movie, an illusion will help you to detach yourself from all situations (situation of extreme joy – you win the lottery – as well as situation of extreme sorrow – you lost someone or something dear to you).  Get back to your true nature, and be strong and happy!

4.  Raja Yoga:
The path of concentration and meditation through the strong determination to control the mind, restriction of the thought waves, self-analysis and systematic control of the body, the breath and the prana (vital energy).

5. Japa Yoga: 
The constant repetition of mantras (mystical and pure sound structures) keeps the mind focused, and increases your vibratory levels, thus protecting you from negativities.

6. Satsanga: 
Company of the wise keeps positive influences.

7.Kirtana: Group chanting of devotional songs uplift the mind and clean out all impurities of the heart and the emotions.

What’s next for you???

*Positive Thinking II

Go deeper into the root causes of every negative thoughts, and find proper ways to eradicate them.  Investigate the origins and manifestations of fear, anger, greed, hatred, lust, envy, jealousy, egoism.

*Positive Thinking III

Cultivate positive qualities such as will, memory, character, self-reliance, courage, strength, forgiveness, balance mind, truthfulness, virtues… for Success in life and Self Realization.


Still the mind and go above the thinking process itself.  The Knower, Knowledge, and Known become.  One and Transcendental Bliss is reached.


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