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Transcendental Meditation, TM

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I have always sought out ways to relax and work with my depression and anxiety. I have tried many different kinds of meditations, from guided meditation, to the Shivananda strict quiet meditation and lately Transcendental Meditation (TM).

I am a certified meditation teacher from the Shivananda Organization. My group spent 14 days with our teacher, Swamin Sita (Swami Sitaramananda) in Paradise Island, Bahamas. We had a rigorous schedule that included meditation twice a day. yoga twice a day, karma yoga. We spent10 of those 14 days silent. A very powerful experience. I can say, without a doubt ,that this experience changed my life. I had spent 11 days in the yoga farm in California learning yoga and the Sivananda teachings. And that was in itself a life changing experience. But learning to meditate gave me the tools to begin to heal. I was one person before this class, but another emerged from it.  was more calm, secure and less anxious.

I practiced Sivananda Yoga daily and meditated for many years. And then, one day I stopped. I don't really understand what happened. I attribute my stop to the fact that this is a very rigorous practice. It takes at least 2 hours of your morning between breathing techniques, yoga and then meditation. You should be Aryurvedic vedic veggetarian (no onion or garlic, no coffee, and on and on.). I did this for a very long time. However, when I married, I no longer had the time to do this, my husband and step-daughter were meat eaters and I was the cook. So, I slowly started skipping on it and eventually forgot about it.

About 3 years ago, I decided to give TM a chance. My dearest friend has been a TM teacher since the 70s and was taught by the maharishi himself. I had the opportunity to design and develop a site with him for the TM organization in Spain and got to read all the content. I got intrigued. This led me to find a local teacher and get the training.

The TM training involves 4 days of lectures and meditation. Some are one on one with your teacher and some are in a group. Group meditation usually helps you go even deeper than meditating alone. After that, you just practice it. It is that easy. 

TM seems to be the easiest for me. The concept is more doable and you break the meditation into 2 parts: morning and evening. For people on the go in this modern world, this is the more accessible of the meditations.

I have found that, because I am a creative, it has been a little more difficult to calm the mind. And it took me a little bit to be able to start seeing results. Creatives see everything in their minds. We can design an entire project in our minds before putting it down on paper. We can also project thoughts like a video in our mind. Therefor, it is harder to quiet the mind. But, I am now a successful TM meditator.


I am one of those people who is happy to say I don't belong to anything. Joining any organization gives me the heebie jeebies. I guess I am old enough to have seen the Jim Jones mass, the Heaven's Gate group suicide, David Koresh mess in Waco, The Moonies, the Hare Krishnas in the airports, the Catholic Church and on and on.  These organizations all have a common theme and pray on the weak. I wasn't weak, I was broken. Meditation has done this for me. For the first time in my life, and even in the year 2020, in the middle of the Trump insanity and COVID-19, I am perfectly calm. I couldn't have done this without TM.

The TM organization, founded by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, TM was, from the beginning, something for the wealthy. Celebrities and world leaders were among the first to embrace it with the Beatles being, probably, the most famous to embrace it. The Maharishi believed that TM should be primarily taught to the wealthy leaders of society to enact a greater change in society. That made it into a practice of the elite. Not for general consumption.

In the last few years, I guess with society trying to find solutions to dealing with the crazy world we now live in, TM has become more and more popular and the David Lynch foundation has made it their goal to make TM more accessible to the general public.

The David Lynch Foundation has taken TM and done what should have been done from the beginning... They are bringing TM to the people: schools, first responders, Vets suffering with PTSD, and people who need help with dealing with the year 2020, all for free. This is very important, because, people like first responders are under incredible stress and can benefit from TM. Elementary school children are being taught TM in order to give them the tools to deal with their future. And so on.

Bob Roth, Director of the David Lynch Foundation has a free Zoom group meditation twice a day: 7 am and 6 PM ET. I try to do it most mornings, however, I have found that if I meditate before going to sleep at night, I get a very deep, restful sleep, so that is my second daily meditation.

Here is a video of Bob explaining how TM works.





TM in Spanish...



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